Recently, RNC Chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel, went to bat again for the LGBT agenda at a Log Cabin Republican event, “Spirit of Lincoln Gala.”

At this event McDaniel said the RNC is “committed” to working with the Log Cabin Republicans. She called the organization “a partner to fight for our country’s future.” In case you didn’t know, The Log Cabin Republicans are a LGBTQ organization.

When did we decide that compromising our principles was better than actually standing up for our principles?

Well, “we” did not decide to do this.

This was a decision made solely by RNC Chair McDaniel. I for one was never consulted or talked about the RNC Chair intent to support the Log Cabin Republicans. I only found out about it after the fact. If I would have known I’d have voiced my complete disagreement with this idea!

I’m calling on RNC Chairwoman McDaniel to change her course and fight for our Republican Party Principles and Stop Compromising.

If she cannot or will not stand for who we say we are, THEN SHE MUST RESIGN AND MOVE ASIDE so someone who will stand for our principles.

I assure you that as your Chairman, I do not agree with Chairman McDaniel’s decision. The OKGOP will not cooperate with this decision and, as your Chairman, I assure the Oklahoma Republican Party that I will continue to stand up for our Republican Party Values and our principles!

Our State and National Party platform makes it very clear that the Republican Party defines marriage between one man and one woman, and we support the foundation of the family as it is defined in the biblical sense.

Here it is straight from our page 31 of our National Party Platform:

We also support religious freedom and not only is that non-negotiable, they’re flat-out incompatible with the pillars of the LGBT movement.

This would destroy Christian business owners’ religious liberty protections because it offers no legal religious liberty protections for business owners. 

A Christian business owner could be forced by LGBT to create products (like photographs, wedding cakes, etc.) that violate his or her religious conscience.

Why would the RNC want to partner with a group that opposes parental rights to secure licensed Christian counseling for a child struggling with same-sex attraction or sexual identity?

Our National Party Platform clearly states that we must PROTECT marriage between a man and a woman, against an activist judiciary, as it is entrusted with rearing children and instilling cultural values.

This is straight from page 19 of our Republican National Platform:

The Log Cabin organization the RNC touts as a “partner” has been, and will continue, fighting against our Republican Party Principles. The only difference is they will have the opportunity to do it from within the party if the RNC continues to compromise for their “votes”.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are eroding the foundation of the family by pushing the LGTBQ agenda, they are pushing for and allowing library drag queen hour at our schools.

The RNC should be focusing on being the Party we say we are instead of compromising our principles. The big tent concept cannot be full of compromising our party principles and platform.

We see enough compromise by politicians — what we need are more principled statesman and stateswomen that stand up for the principles of our party!

What we need to do is stand by and fight for the principles that make us the party we say we are. What we don’t need are more weak-kneed politicians who sacrifice the constituency at the altar of politics.

We must have a moral standard and that standard is spelled out and supported by the majority of the Republican Party.

If the Republican Party continues to compromise who we say we are, then where do the people go for liberty and freedom? If we continually compromise we will be no different than the Democrat party. If you don’t believe in or support our Republican party values then you need to find a party that aligns with what you believe. We have enough so-called “Republicans” who claim to believe in our party platform but don’t actually stand up for them.

We must focus on electing and recruiting more “quality” Republicans instead of “quantity” Republicans.

Make no mistake about it, we are in a battle for the very soul of this nation!

We are NO better than the Communist Democrat Party when we are compromising our principles for votes hold the line and actually be who we say we are!

If we as the Republican Party aren’t who we say we are, and if we don’t stand together and fight for this Constitutional Republic, then where do the people go!?!?

It’s NOT good enough to just have an R behind our names. It MUST mean something, and we MUST adhere to our binding and unifying document that is our Party Platform! If we want more votes and support, then I recommend we be the party we say we are and actually stand up for, not compromise our party Principles and platform.

It is decisions like this that shows how completely out of touch those in Washington DC are. This is the same type of politics that the Democrats use.

When will we say enough is enough?

If we don’t stand and fight for our principles today, we won’t have any to fight for tomorrow.

I’m asking you to stand with me and let’s clear the way of those who are either too incompetent or too selfish to actually defend liberty and our Judeo-Christian founding – even if they have an R behind their names.

We have to stand for and take our Republic back! They have relinquished their ability to rule because we no longer consent!

Stand with our State Republican Party and make a donation today to ensure that Oklahoma continues to be the beacon of freedom in our Nation:

I promise that not one penny of your donation will go to the RNC. My administration is committed to provide long lasting infrastructure for our State Party that is so desperately needed.

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I will continue to stand for our principles and provide a loud voice that is needed to put freedom back on the offensive where it belongs!

-John Bennett, OKGOP Chairman