Greetings, Conservatives & Republicans,

This email announces my appointment as the State Party’s Chairman of Faith Community Outreach. First, I want to thank our State Party Chairman, Nathan Dahm, for entrusting me with this task. I rejoice that the Lord chose to use me in that capacity in these turbulent times. I humbly extend what I have done for over forty years in the Lord’s service to the Oklahoma Republican Party. I see this position as filling the direly needed state-party spiritual gap right now. What I call a “Spiritual Defence Hedge.” It is a potent encircling, outside religion shielding hedge that minimizes the blows it takes from unseen elements determined to destroy it.

The State Party’s Spiritual Defence Hedge will fortify the faith of those committed to upholding and restoring it. Clearly, current events show it somehow lost its original direction and thus its faith force. The SDH spiritual emphases will be on guardianship, protection, intercession, intervention, faith-force resistance, its restoration. These basically sum up our goals. By the way, the C in defence, instead of the customary S in the word, is deliberate. The reason is one synonym for the word hedge, which is a fence. Look at my use of the term in the acronyms below.

Defined Ways to Look at Us

HEDGING is a tactical implement aimed at reducing potential vulnerabilities and destabilizing risks. Early hedges were made of low, intertwined thorn bushes that grew around what needed protection, fencing that kept out dangerous predators.

SPIRITUAL, as meant here and applied to the perspectives and acts of the position, refers to the incorporeal—without a body. Invisible but not nonexistent. Spiritual also pertains to what did not originate in this world but operates predominantly in it. Lastly, spiritual refers to what supersedes human limitations with supernatural intelligence and power.

FAITH Chair is a spiritually influential position that is seen as a service post. Its spiritual stewardship merges counteracting and countermanding actions that parallel typical aspects of most chair positions, with one exception. The spiritual forcement that enables the material or natural to manifest and thrive. Thus, the position reminisces organizational (non-ecclesia) clergy positions in several uniquely different ways.

What a Faith-Based Chair Does

To explain, a faith community outreach chair bridges the spiritual gaps and makes up the hedge. It makes up the hedge between a government agency, a political campaign or organization, and their faith alliances. Such a position’s primary goal is to inspire, build, and collaborate with faith groups and leaders (apart from their religions) to draw on their faith to the party’s advantage. As a faith intermediary, the chairman of the faith position fills spiritual and emotional voids, providing opportunities for those served to receive soul care, counsel, spiritual guidance, and defence, which it does through ongoing interventional and intercessory prayer. Within these contexts, the word faith, as used here, refers to the hope-filled passions and convictions that bring unseen versions of what is prayed for to pass in the physical world. Please reread this several times to grasp the power of a faith force that evidences your hope. We talk more about hope later. By the way, be on the lookout for my Acceptance Presentation delivered at the recent Fireside Chat Chairman Dahm held in Tulsa. It will enlighten you on the position, what it does, and achieves for you and the party. If you do not receive it in the next few days, let me know. For now, though, let me tie these ideas together. The nonreligious promoting Faith and Community Outreach Spiritual Defence Hedge is devoted to the parties’ longstanding platform of God, faith, family, and government Christian Values as their focus and fortify voter empowerment. The banner below sums up that part of our purposeful mission.

We Nurture and Curate

Nurturing our voters and curating our electorate is the faith objective of the SDH. Because sincere care and concern are historically known to generate trust, allegiance, and cooperation. The word curate is important because it predates museums and originated with Christian soul treaters and healers. Later discussions show you how citizens and government collaborated decades ago on the soulical state of their constituents. For example, early therapists were shepherds of ecclesial flocks, not patrons of the arts. Therefore, I use the word curate to underscore curing them is the task before us.

Beginning with acknowledging our voters’ hurt, mistrust, disappointment, and confusion over how we got here. Their present state of mind begs for an explanation of the spiritual influences that shattered their beloved party. And while we all appreciate the politicians and elected officials fighting for us today, as they are so valiantly doing. Our voters inwardly need appliable wisdom to guide and motivate them to want to and ultimately return to the fold. That is the greatest benefit I bring to this position. If you go to, you will discover the basis of my confidence.

Join Me
Until then, I ask for your faith, collaboration, insights, expertise, and assistance because I know two very important things about intervention. The first is nothing new gets done by one. The second is only the best can produce the great. I traveled the state meeting many of you when I campaigned for state vice chair. I listened to you, learned from you, and was moved by your heartfelt love and hopes for this party. I empathized with what you shared. To demonstrate it, I not only called our faith outreach your Spiritual Defence Hedge, but I also classified it as “clothing your hope,” as that is what faith does: It clothes your hopes with your faith-clothed prayers. After all, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Clothing Your Hope
As you reflect on what you read here, remember your faith clothes your hope, embodying your prayers in their physical form. In the end, I see the Faith and Community Outreach chair as “Safe-Partisanism”. The revived hope that makes our party safe again. Safe for voter re-engagement and future civic sacrifice.

Progressive Plan Roll-Out
Look for upcoming emails that lay out the rest of what I planned for this position. Over a series of emails, bit by bit, I’ll roll out SDHs’ hope to faith vision for this position. And also how it can spiritually enliven our voters’ faith in the party and inspire their civic engagement. Meanwhile, let me know your interest in becoming part of and cooperating with the new OKGOP Spiritual Defence Hedge. Until then, I truly hope you hear the call to join me in this massive trust. Watch out for my successive Faith and Community Outreach Chair unveilings and updates. God bless you all, in Jesus’ Name, amen.

Dr. Paula Price, Chairman of OKGOP Faith and Community Outreach

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