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Contribute To Help Keep Oklahoma RED!

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Contribute To Help Keep Oklahoma RED!

The Oklahoma College Republicans are dedicated to spreading conservative thought on college campuses. We have chapters that dedicate their time donating supplies to local pregnancy centers, while others host weekly campus events with speakers and educational activities. Our chapters are also mobilized to help volunteer in elections. Although our chapters must remain neutral during the Primary, our individual members can certainly volunteer for candidates. Once the Primary is over and our party has a nominee, our chapter members mobilize to get them elected by walking doors, making phone calls and everything in between.

Jonathan Hernandez, Chairman

Jonathan Hernandez originally got involved with College Republicans when he became the OC College Republican Chairman in November of 2019. From there, his chapter was awarded the “Most Outstanding Chapter” for the 2019-2020 school year.

In 2020, he helped with the efforts of flipping Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District back to Republican control through planning forums, debates, and candidate conversations. He additionally has helped with deployments in TX-32, the U.S. Senate races in Georgia, and local races throughout the state of Oklahoma.

He served as the former Chapter Engagement Director and former Chairman of the OC College Republicans. Now, he proudly serves as the Chairman of the Oklahoma Federation of College Republicans since February of 2021.

Currently attending Oklahoma Christian University and majoring in political science, he plans to make an impact across all colleges in Oklahoma by growing republicanism through all campuses by beating the stereotype that all young people are Democrats.