Taking A Stand For the Ten Commandments

Recent court rulings have been very disturbing about the Ten Commandments Monument at the State Capitol.  The Court has ordered that the monument be removed.  Governor Mary Fallin and Attorney General Scott Pruitt have done everything within the law to appeal this decision and to stand for Oklahoma values, I want to thank both of them for their courageous leadership and for standing up for our American Heritage,

Unfortunately, it appears that the legal options for keeping the monument at the Capitol have been exhausted.  That is why I am offering to have the monument moved to the State Party Headquarters.  In 2012 Democrats voted to remove God from their platform, but the Republican Party’s principles, values, and platform have always been that we are one nation under God and that we should respect and honor that tradition.

I believe, like the vast majority of Oklahomans and especially Oklahoma Republicans that the Ten Commandments is part of the cornerstone of our system of government.  We have routinely acknowledged this.  Even inside the US Capitol there are monuments to the great lawgivers that are the basis of our governmental system and the one of Moses is front and center in the House Chamber. 

Its time for the Party to take a stand and support the values of Oklahomans, and while we still feel the best place for this monument is at the State Capitol, we are happy to offer ourselves as a secondary site so that the monument is not destroyed or removed from public view.

We are reaching out to the Governor’s office today to let them know of our availability and we are committed to working with the Dewey Bartlett Center to provide a safe home for this monument.